Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tired Fingers

Whew!  My fingers are tired today.  Not sure if they will cooperate with me tomorrow so I'd better update this blog tonight.  :)

I finished doing the stitching on the redwork turkey.  It's been pressed and tomorrow I will sandwich it.  If things go right I might even quilt it tomorrow and then on Monday put on the binding.  I will use the same backing material I did for the sunbonnet doll quilt.  it looks good with the redwork.

After that I worked more on the Fiddlehead project.  I've got the design all done and started on the border.  That border is all black and I will need more sharpies in order to finish it.  I also need to go back in the middle of the design and touch up some of the black.  The pattern instructions said to stipple on the black.  I don't know how to do stippling but I also think it is also close work which I'm not sure on.  I'll have to think on how to finish it.  I think I will be heat setting the ink before quilting and am debating on whether or not to use textile medium on it.  If you are reading this, please feel free to give an opinion.

Tomorrow is breakfast with mom and then back home to work on something.  Not sure yet what I will work on.  Perhaps I will take a day off of actual stitching and look to see what fabric I will use for my next project.

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