Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Won!

Today seems like a day where I can shout "I Won!"  It is a good day so far.  I didn't get to go to the luncheon afterall but that is ok.  I've been to enough of them in the past and I'm not planning on retiring soon (even though I can still go after I retire) so there will be plenty of times to have the free meal.  :)

I *did* get today, a table runner from TealFalcon.  This goes back to the April Quilting in the New Year Swap.  Better late than never.

I'm thinking of taking it to work and putting it on my pull out tray of my desk.  I have one on the side that faces the door.  I usually put candles or flowers etc on it so this might work out well.

Then yesterday I received my doll quilt for July.  It's a cute Sunbonnet Sue pattern.  I like how she did the stitching on it also.

The other cute thing in the package was she included some corn themes fabric.  I'm always relating DeKalb to being in the middle of Corn Country.  It's appropriate.

Another reason why I say *I won* is that I found out I literally won something.  On Angie's blog:

How exciting is this?  She was talking about applique needles and she was going to give some away.  This is awesome stuff.  Can't wait to try them.

As nice as this's not getting anything done.  Time to put in 15 minutes on Dan's quilt.  I am having to redraw it.

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