Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's JULY!

Can you believe it is July already?  How time flies!  July is a great month to me.  Besides the fourth, it is also my birthday month.  I love my birthdays.  It's not so much that I get presents, for a don't get a lot, but perhaps I just love them because generally I love life.  Of course knowing that you are still around and on the top side of the ground or haven't been reduced to ashes is another reason to celebrate. 

It's been really hot the last day or so.  Yesterday the heat index got up above 100F and already at 10:30 a.m. it is 85 without figuring in heat.  I'll survive though.  Went out to the grocery store but didn't get laundry done (I have to take that out also).  I thought it was too hot today to do that.  Next week, thanks to the 4th, I only work three days.  I surely have enough clothes that I can wear to work for three days!  I'll check that out later.  If not, there is always Sunday to do laundry or take it to the laundry mat and have them do it.  They charge $1 a pound.  I always make sure if they are doing it that i don't have heavy towels in there to weigh it down.  LOL.

Todays trip to the grocery store makes five in the last two days.  Not to the same store at least so that helps.  I had just gotten back one trip when my brother asked me to go get him something.  I hadn't gotten out of the car yet so I caved in and got him what he wanted.  Still in car though.  I'll take it to him probably tomorrow.
The trips to the grocery store were worth it.  We have a new HyVee that opened up.  It will give the other stores, including walmart, some competition.  They have better vegetables and fruits, as well as a wider selection.  They also have a bulk section where I found bulk coucous.  THAT was nice.  It's expensive to keep buying those little boxes of it every place else.  You also get a five cent discount on their gas if you show them your receipt.   So I paid $3.68/gal of gas and got my refund.  It wasn't that much of a rebate but every little bit counts.  THEN I went by what is usually our lowest gas price and THEY had gone up to $3.74/gal so I figured I got a better deal than I figured I had.

While at HyVee I also picked up some of their chicken kabobs.  The other stores sell them by the pound but HyVee had them two kabobs for $6.  Each kabob weighs around 10 oz.  I picked up some of them so I can grill them over the weekend.  Grilled my first ones and they were good.  

my McCall's Quick Quilts came in the mail today.  YAY.  I won't feel guilty about not quilting if I can look at a quilting magazine.  :)  Hmm.  They say 15 simply cool projects.  Not sure on that.  Their version of cool and mine don't always agree.  In their "easy tips to try", they have an article of soft fused applique.  Don't know what that is so will have to check it out.  Also will need to check out the "Speedy pocket place mats". 

I'll catch up with you all later.  There's reserach to be done.  LOL.

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