Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One more Day

Until I have an extended weekend.  Tomorrow is the last work day of this week for me and I'm sure it sill just as stressful as today.  We have three people in the office area who are leaving as of July 1.  Today was ice cream in the afternoon as a last farewell which was nice.  Of course I had too much and I might have too much tomorrow morning also when I take one of the retirees out to breakfast at 7 a.m.

I came home and did manage to work on Nolee's table topper.  I'm trying to decide if I will have enough courage to try and turn it into a scalloped edge leave it square.  I've been told that if I leave it at approximately 24" even though her table is round it will work out ok. 

I'll have to take a better picture from work.  I just don't get enough light here.  This will be done with fusible applique.  I ironed it on so now it is transportable.  Not sure what color I will use to buttonhole stitch around the leaves. 

It felt good to get to the sewing a bit.  It helped me calm down a bit which is what I needed.  The area which is still swollen from the shingles (past the four month mark) was hurting today.  Not sure if it was from the stress or what.  The eyes were bothering me a little bit but it IS allergy season.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll take an ice pack with me and use it in the afternoon.  it is suppose to be another hot day but on Friday it is suppose to be over 100F.  We don't usually get too many days like that.  I will set my air conditioning tomorrow to turn on about 20 minutes before I get home.  If it gets really hot tomorrow it will help take out the humidity and start to cool it off.  It will have had a 10 hour rest by then so that is good.

I need to work on the bucket list topic from my yahoo group.  This time it is Seminole piecing.  I might so a pillowcase (need some anyway) and put that on for a border.  I'm not sure I will really like Seminole piecing but it is something new for me to try.

This fourth of July I might dig out the layout for the medieval quilt.  I've made another page for that so you'll see how it develops over there.  Also need to work on my Baltimore too.  Sounds like I'd better stay home and do a lot of stitching.  There are worse ways to spend a holiday weekend.  :)

Until next time my friends.  Happy Life.

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