Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Working on Wings

The wings for the new block I am working is coming along.  Here are three of the four blue blocks that I need to do.  I am tempted to sew them all together but have to resist that.  The method that is used/taught is that you do these in small squares and then sew them together in rows, etc.  That way it is smaller squares that are sewn together to form the larger blocks.  Do it small sections and one at a time and it gets done.

Tomorrow before gaming I should finish up the last blue block.  Then I have four red/white blocks to do.  Then time to put them all together to form the larger block.  I am not sure if I will have to add one more blocks in order to get the size of the finished block that I want.  We'll have to see.  My brain is mushy right now so math isn't working.  :)

Time to get to bed.  Niters everybody.

Thought I'd post a picture of what the finished block is SUPPOSE to look like.  Of course this is the original that Rhonda did and not my colors but it will give you an idea.

That is one block.  All her other blocks have rows of four that make up the block and I think I might have to add on another row.  I want approximately 10 or 12" block.  each one of these wings or stars measures out at 2 1/2 inches which wouldn't make it right.  I think I might have to go with five rows.  I will have to see how it looks like that.  The best way, for me, would be to just make a couple of color copies of the pix above and cut and paste a couple more rows onto it to see if it looks right.  The next time I make it, I might have to use a larger template instead of the 2.5" one.

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