Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oops...there went vacation

Ok.  Today I went on vacation.  That is what I am calling it anyway.  I took so me money out of the bank and went to the quilt shop.  I can hear you shaking your heads already my quilting friends.  You can see where this is already leading too.  I will say that I went into the quilt shop to just get three fat quarters.  For my non quilting friends that should have cost around $6.  Instead I walked out with a BIG bag and $170 less.  I bought a couple of books and fabric.  I'll take a picture later and post it here.

On one of my yahoo quilting groups that I belong to, somebody posted about knife edge binding.  Have you heard of that before?  It certainly looks easier.  I might have to try it on my next doll quilt.  Here is a link that explains it a little bit.

Basically the front doesn't look like it has binding on it, only the back.  It's for when you don't want the binding to distract from the what I was looking for with my American Eagle redwork.

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