Friday, June 17, 2011

The other version

Ahhh, Friday finally arrived and now my vacation is here.  Today it started off in the good old USA.

The question was where to go next.  I decided since it was still early to go to Greece for breakfast.  The strawberry yogurt was delicious.

Then I decided to go Indonesia.

The blues there were terrific as well as the night sky.

From there I traveled to the Emerald Isle and stopped to enjoy Some Irish Ale.  As you can see from these pictures, it's a darker ale (something I'm not used to).


The greens made up for it though.  :) 

It was time to rest since the stars seemed to be popping out.

I also stopped by China and Japan.  Japan for some Smoked Eel Sushi (yummmmm) and China for some new tea.  The tea of choice this time was Organic White Champagne Raspberry tea.  Then I also had some White Coconut Creme tea.

Time flew by and soon I was back in the United States.  This time in Baltimore where I'm sure my pictures will find their way into an Album.

Eventually I had to make it back home and much to my surprise (innocent look), I found that some things had just "happened" to end up in my bag.  Not sure how that happened but it would be impolite to send everybody back home.  I'll just adopt them.


It's good to be home now.  I am tired and ready to relax after so much traveling.

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