Friday, June 17, 2011

The start of a working weekend

Ahhh, blessed Friday.  After working over 45 hours this week (M-TH) I am ready for my day off.  So once again I am ready to describe my self imposed odessy of quilting vacation while not travelling more than 30 miles from home.  Ready?

Well you'll have to wait a little bit more because i just got home and am sweaty and tired.  I'll take pictures and post later today but I CAN give you two versions of what this morning has been like.

Version 1 - the mundane

I set my alarm for 7 a.m. which is two hours later.  I wouldn't have set it at all except it is garbage day and in the summer months I dare not miss it.  Don't need any buggies to come visit unless they are part of a pattern I am quilting.  Of course that also meant I was awake at six a.m. and refused to get up and just watched the clock rotate on its dial for another hour.

After garbage was taken out I got dressed and paid some bills.  Called my niece in law to go shopping with me but no answer so I got into the car and went by myself.  THEN my other niece in law called me and kept me company on the phone during my trip.  First stop was to Wal Mart in Rochelle and what a waste.  No fabric that I liked and little at all.  I think perhaps they might be cutting back because they are building a Super WalMart.  Hopefully they will keep fabric in that.  On the other hand, I picked up three t-shirts with the American flag on it so I am set for the holiday and summer.  One is  in red, one in blue and one white.  Seemed like the thing to do especially when they were only $3.50 each.

Then I came back to DeKalb and went to JoAnne's.  I was bound and determined to get fabric.  I am stubborn that way you know.  I bought a lot of fabric.  I might not buy anymore fabric for the rest of the year.

My fabric is in blues, batiks, greens and since fat quarters were on sale for 99 cents, I picked up some of them also.  JoAnne's also gave me two $10 off coupons if I come back this weekend (expires the 25th) and make a purchase of $10 or more.  That's almost like free shopping so I am obliged to go back.....yes?

Now the other version which will be posted later will include a more exciting description along with pictures.  Things like my trip to the emerald isle and indonesia where I saw beautiful constellations.  You see.....later.  :)

Until then, have a great day.


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