Monday, June 20, 2011

End to the Day

The work day is over and I'm glad.  It wasn't too bad but tiring.  We had two universities bring out McNair scholars to visit NIU.  One was 3 hours late.  THEN not everybody showed up.  THEN a couple of people changed their mind about what department they wanted to talk to.  THEN it was raining.  THEN it was hot and humid because it didn't rain enough to take out humidity.  THEN we gave them a gift certificate to the bookstore and THEN they overspent so by boss went over to cover their overage.  Sigh.  A Loooong Day.

Made it home ok and managed to finish cutting out the 2.5" blocks for Rhonda's swap.  I will sew them all together to make the 12.5" block tomorrow and then will be able to mail it off this week.  This is the unstitched version.

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