Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What a week!

Work has been busier, if that is possible, then normal and is seriously interfering with my out of work life.  I'll adjust of course, always do, but then it will be time to switch back to five day work weeks.  On the up side, it usually means that Friday can be a craft day or errand day and assign another day of the weekend to be craft day.  Every other week is best for me because of my other commitments.  THAT being said...this is my craft weekend.  I felt the need to craft this morning but didn't have time to do anything.  Lucky (?) for me, one of the people at work is being promoted and moving to another department.  She has always liked my new teas that I got (Organic White Champagne Raspberry and Whit Coconut Creme) so I put some in containers for her to take with.  The picture of it didn't turn out the best since the glass kept glaring.

It's kind of hard to see but the ribbon around the glass containers is white with black paw prints.  NIU's  mascot is the Huskie so paw prints are all around.  In the center of the over lap of the ribbon is a small black and white flower.  By coincidence today, she wore black and white so it all fit in.  Since this is loose tea, I also put in some tea bags for her so she wouldn't have to shop around for empty tea bags.

On Friday I hope to get a chance to start the Princess Feathers.   Wish me luck.  :)

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