Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Report

The weekend is finished and I'm back at work which means NOW I have time to report on how the weekend was.  LOL.

I managed to finish the American Bald Eagle Redwork.  I couldn't find the right shade of blue so I put on a boring white mini binding on it.  It doesn't look bad but it is calling me to do something else with it and I am refusing to listen.

I also thought I had finished cutting out the 2.5" segments for the Grace block.  When I put it on my wall this morning it looks like either I didn't cut out enough (sigh) or I left them at home and didn't put them in the back pack this morning.  Here is what they look like with one more row (red-blue-red) to be added.  Perhaps this week I will be able to sew all the 2.5" squares together.  According to my calculations this block will be larger than 12.5" which is what it is suppose to be.  I will wait though for my math skills aren't the best at times (with quilting anyway).  Rhonda looked at it and said it was right.  I am sure she is correct and it is "me" that is wrong.

I also made the decision that I will only be gaming every other Saturday.  I am getting upset with the group and need to step back a bit.  I know I am stressed when everything they are saying is getting to me.  Now I have to make a decision on whether or not to step back in a couple of my PBeM games also.  I know I should but I really don't want to.

I did let a bit of vanity get to me.  Paul's (the ex) family had a get together and Paul invited me.  It was to meet up and talk about his step father who died a little bit ago.  He died out of state so not everybody was able to go to the funeral so this was a memorial type thing.  I wasn't going to color my hair until this shingles thing was all straightened out but I caved in.  I picked up a wash out color (vs permanent) which looked like it would be less harsh and managed to almost get all the white out.  The white did get covered up but as you can see, the coverage wasn't as good.  My friend Dee said to call it highlights.  Loved that Dee!

Today is a bad allergy day.  My head is bothering me, my eye is bothering me and my sinuses are draining.  Perhaps we should take a collective "who brought allergy pills with them today" survey at the office. 

Until next time....

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