Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Sigh!!!!!

Well I just got back from the eye doctor.  I wonder if I have funded his summer vacation yet with all these visits.  Anyway, I am getting sidetracked.  The news is......

Back to almost square one.  Perhaps it would be back to square 1.5.  I am back on Steroid drops (four times a day).  he didn't like the progress of the last three weeks after he took me off them.  My eye is more swollen and red in the corner.  I go back in two weeks although it might be more like 2.5 weeks since I will wait until I get paid again.

I did ask some questions about the pain and how long it might last.  He said that it varies, which I already knew,  but as long as it's not bright searing pain it should go away.  He has known people who have had the pain (he had a long set of words for it) for months afterwards and sometimes it even healed up and stopped.  I still have swelling in the eyebrow and forehead area and markings on my face as if it was still injured.  He said as long as I have the markings, it is not unusual to have the pain.  That, at least, is a good sign.  Good in an abstract way.  At least I know not to start to worry until after the markings go away. 

I don't feel like quilting or doing much of anything tonight.  The visit took the wind out of my sails.  I did get the McCall's Quick Quilts magazine in the mail today and it has some cute quilts in it.  I might have to make some of them or at least let them inspire me.

Until next time.....

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