Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making Progress

Gaming ended early tonight since we had a lot of rules questions and I didn't feel like answering them all.  LOL.  Interpretation of written rules.  That's ok though, our youngest player is at least reading the book and when we do come to a conclusion of how I will run it, it runs much more smoothly.  Even though we didn't have battle, he still wants to play Traveller and had fun so that is good.

Managed to work a little more on Karla's wall hanging.  Actually I feel like I made a LOT of progress.  Finished making the quilting sandwich and then all of a sudden decided how I would stitch it.  On the black border (yes I added a little more to it) will be white buttons and the silver metal things that look, to me anyway, a little bit like snowflakes.  The binding will be white.  That will be the same white fabric that the snowman is made out of.

Here is a distant, and little bit fuzzy, picture of the progress to date.  I've also attached a close up of one of the corners so that perhaps you can see the stitching that I used.  Tomorrow I will start to sew on the buttons and silver things.  After that all I have to do is put on the hanging sleeve and label.  I think this might be finished in the next couple of days.  YAY!

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