Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

This is just a short post before heading off with biscuits and gravy for mom.  I plan on staying with her a couple of hours this morning.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to since my eye has been giving me a lot of problems the last couple of days.  It feels better this morning.  Perhaps it is just because it is morning and hasn't had an accumulation of a days worth of eye strain on it yet.  Either way I feel a bit better today than I have in the last couple of days so I will take it.

I hope to get a picture of mom today.  I know that we won't have a lot left so must get them when I can.  She hates pictures.  Must have inherited that from her (grins).  I can usually get her to have a picture on Mothers Day.  Perhaps one with Kerm since I have some good pictures of her and me and not too many of her and Kerm.  We'll see.

I have taken a picture this morning.  Not your usual picture though.  I took a picture of my new template. The template is clear so in order to get a picture of it I put it on my pillowcase.  It would be cute if it really was pink.  LOL.   It's for cutting out circles.  Yes, quilting has templates for everything!  That's for people like me who can't sew a straight seam or cut a straight...umm...square I guess.  Was going to say cut a straight circle but that would haven't looked right.  LOL.  I am hoping to try it sometime today.  

I will be on and off the computer today.  I have some gaming stuff to do as well as some quilting.  I have to also see if I have a needle that will go through those small buttons I bought for the wall hanging.  They might have to be glued on.  I still have to sew on the eyes, nose, and mouth of the snowwoman yet.  That, at least, I can do today.  Then I will have to get to writing.

Have a great day everybody.

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