Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a weekend!

What a weekend!   Between gaming and stitching I was busy.  It was productive though.  I managed to finish both of my projects for Quilting in the New Year and even managed to pick out the material and pattern for next months project.  I only have one to do for next month so that will be good.  I also signed up today for the June 2011 doll quilt swap.  I am hoping to be able to learn a couple of new blocks and use them in doll quilts.  At least it will be something that I use them for and not just throwing them away or something.

Now for the pictures.  Some of you might have seen these already but not everybody.  Here we go:

This one is the finished table runner for Tealfalcon.  It was a little long to get the whole picture in but I think you should be able to see the purple binding that I used on it.  I finished it last night while chatting with my friends Shelley and Casey on IM as well as listing to a quilting webinar over the computer.

This is a close up of the center block which might give you a better idea.

The other project was the snow lady one.  I might have posted it before but here it is just in case.

Like I said, I also picked out the pattern for next months swap.  I have a person who just said she would like a small wall hanging but not Fourth of July or any holiday one.

I will be using these fabrics:

These two fabrics didn't scan as well but they are a green, similar to olive green, and an off white/cream with a pattern on it.

The pattern that I will be using will be ONE block of this.  I will use fusible for it to help speed it up for I have a couple of more projects all lined up that need to be done also.

That's all for this blog.  I'll continue after I get back from taking pictures at a retirement party for a couple of people from work.

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