Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

This year is flying by and I'm not sure were to.  Yesterday Tony and I went out to put flowers on the gravesites in Big Rock.  There you'll find some of my family.  Namely....

Russell Chamberlain - Uncle and biological father to Patti

Fred Chamberlain - Grandfather - moms side

Myrtie Chamberlain - Grandmother - moms side

Sherry Bromeland - died before leaving the hospital.  I was told she strangled on the water bottle.
  She had a twin who was still born and I don't believe I ever learned if they gave her a name.

Patti (oh dear, I can't remember which last name she went by).  Sister.  I know that sentence in(___) doesn't sound very well but she had been married five times.  I'm not sure if she ever officially divorced her last husband so her name could have been Eberly or she could have brought it back to Bromeland.  Patti is a Chamberlain by birth (my cousin) but she was adopted by mom and dad as soon as she was born.  Long story that I won't go into right now.

Kermit Stanley Bromeland - dad.

Mom hates, for some reason, to have names and markers.  It will be one of the first things that I will want to put up after she leaves this earth.  Uncle Russ has a marker because he was a veteran and they paid for it.  here are what the flowers looked like this year.  Oh yes, mother preferred artificial flowers so they would look like throughout the year no matter how much rain, etc. we have.  It's about a 30 minute drive to get to the graves from where we live.

Uncle Russ always get red, white and blue for a theme.  He also has other colors now added because Patti was cremated and buried on top of him.  We didn't have to disrupt him because she isn't buried as far down.  You don't have to be if it is for cremated remains, etc.

Then there is dad's red flowrs.  Mom always said his favorite color was red so I try to get his mostly red with other colors thrown in to brighten it up.  This year it was white.

Grandma and Grandpa get bright flowers while Sherry gets pink because she died so young and was a girl.  It was mom's color scheme and even though she can't make it out there any longer, I still follow it.

We cant' forget my cohort each year...Santa.  This is Phillip Stanley Bromleand, big brother, aka Tony aka Santa.  :)

He's the oldest of us whereas I'm the youngest.

I cancelled gaming on Saturday so didn't need to hurry back after the flowers were put on.  We did go to iHOP though and discovered that I must be getting old because with the event of my birthday this year, I will qualify for their "senior" menu.  Hmmm.  How did that happen.

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