Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update on Saturday

I am about ready to lay down and clear my mind and rest my eyes for an hour before starting to prepare for Saturday gaming.  I am planning on taking away the guys ship and giving them another one.  Sorry sir, you're a scout and we need that ship you are on.  Here's another one.  They will whimper but not as much as when I take away 12 marines also.  (grins).

Anyway, here's a picture of the rice and how it turned out.  That red on top is salsa.  I didn't have any tomatoes to eat with it so put in salsa.  I love salsa (but not hot "spicey" salsa...can't handle that anymore). 

I also managed to try some stippling/free motion quilting.  Didn't like that.  Didn't like it enough to show a pix of it even.  Not sure I'll do that.  I know...I gets better the more you practice.  Just not enough hours in a day yet for that.  Perhaps eventually.

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