Tuesday, August 23, 2011

bumblebee update

Thanks for all the comments everybody.  Last night, after being taken out to eat by my ex and his new family (buffet in Rockford), I felt energized to work on the bumblebee wall hanging.  My quilting area is small and sometimes I should actually nick name myself the "card table quilter" since all of my cuttings and layout, etc. are done on card tables.  That does pose some challenges sometimes.  This wall hanging is one of them.  I discovered that it is too big to iron on my ironing board.  The pieces fall off before I can get them "tacked" on or ironed on.  That means I had to take it to the BIG TABLE.  That actually translates to TWO card tables put together or me pulling out the table which is double length.  I pulled out the double folding table.  It's sturdier so cutting, etc. is better.  I put down a bath towel on it so as not to ruin it and was able to fuse the flowers, etc. on.

I know Sue, layout, measure, measure, measure, etc. before cutting.  Hate to do that!  :)  This picture is a little fuzzy but will give you an idea of the layout. 

NOW I'm getting adventuresome (for me).  I found a stitch I like and even more important, my machine likes, which I am going to attempt to do machine applique.  It's not satin stitch.  My machine refuses to do that.  I tried it on the yellow centers and on a couple of the petals before work this morning (20 minutes of quilting time put in) and it worked out pretty good.  I do not have a stabilizer behind this just with it being fused on. 

THEN I got a brilliant idea!  At least it will be brilliant until I try to do it.  Then it might bomb but we'll see.  My partner in this swap has a black and white cat.  I found a piece of fabric that is meant to make one of those pillows out of and it's a black and white cat!  It's pretty large but I couldn't resist using it so I think I will put it in the center of the back.  HOW I'll do it is still put for grabs.  Not sure if it will be like two quilts that I will attach somehow or if I will finish quilting this and THEN applique the cat to the back afterwards. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this.

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