Thursday, August 4, 2011

Still working....

I'm still working on Shelley's mug rug.  Tonight I should use the textile medium on the back of the butterfly fabric.  After that dries I can try and put it all together.

Last night I put the textile medium on the fiddlehead.  I almost had a heart attack when all of the black from the sharpie looked like it faded it.  It came back after it dried though.  I haven't diluted the textile medium so perhaps I should be?  Dee or anybody else out there who has worked with this stuff before can comment on it please?

Tonight I will take the fiddlehead and put it to the test.  I use, and I can see some of you cringing when you read this, regular dish soap and hot water in the kitchen sink when I test for bleeding.  I figure if it's not going to bleed then or little bleeding it should be pretty much safe for others. 

I will put in a color catcher when I ship the mug rug to Shelley though in case she wants to use it.  LOL.  I think I will be stitching around the S (no small circle stitching though) and that might be it before I sandwich it.

Well the bossman has been in my office twice now since I've been typing this.  Think it's a hint?

Until next time.....

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