Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yes the student are back and work is, as always, busy.  Today the city of DeKalb is expecting approximately 5,000 student to arrive and they will certainly block up traffic while they try to move into the dorms and get situated all within one day.  I'm glad that I can get home by another route and bypass that part of town today.

Last night was a productive night for me.  Worked on the doll quilt and stitching celtic type design.  It is taking longer than I thought it would but I'll keep plugging along.

I was able to mail out things today so that always makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

This is one of the doll quilts that went out today.

I also started to work on the Quilting in the New Year swap project.  The person likes purples, blues, and greens.  I found a fun little summery wall hanging that I will cut down from the original to make it around 30" (give or take).  I spent most of the night rinsing the fabric, ironing the fabric and cutting out the pieces.  I laid out some of the pieces to here is what one of the flowers and the bumble bee will look like.  Yes, you have to use your imagination because these are terrible pictures.  (note:  See?  You don't have to always take good pictures....people who read your blog will understand.)

The flower is pink and each petal is approximately 6" long.  The bee is about 6" also.  There will be a purple flower, this pink flower, and a blue flower.  Grass at the bottom and the bee flying towards the flowers.  The pattern says to enlarge it by 200% but I didn't.  The 6" petals are the original design.  I didn't want to make it larger for a wall hanging.  I will decide if I did it right before ironing on the patterns to the background.

Well I guess I should get back to work. 

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