Thursday, August 25, 2011

Exciting News!

Not so much for me but for a friend from the Quilting Board...Rhonda Woodsmall.  I believe I have talked about Rhonda and her cut down method before since I usually join in on her block swaps.  It's a good way for me to get to practice some of the blocks and realize that I can actually do some which look complicated but aren't.

Her news today was that she has a "first pattern ready for sale".  It is called Simple Steps Patterns by Rhonda and her first design if called Florene Elaine.  She is only charging $5 for the PDF pattern (accepts paypal or personal checks)  but if you prefer her to print off the pattern and mail it to you, she will do that also for an additional cost of $2.

Here is a picture of Florene Elaine (which she gives examples of it being done up in different color combinations in the pdf).

I bought this pattern and hope you'll help support her in her efforts to get started but also wanted to do a critique on here goes.

Overall I like it.  Not a surprise otherwise I wouldn't be posting it here.  It is colorful and gives different color combinations for the blocks and in the back of the PDF so that you can see what it would look like with dark colors or light colors, etc.

I like that she is willing to send you free templates for this if you wish.  No, you don't need special templates to do it.  It can be made by using a 2.5" template and one block ends up 12.5" unfinished.  You can use a 1.5" template to make a 6.5" unfinished block.  I like that it is spelled out to you on the first page of the PDF.

The instructions are pretty easy.  She writes in an easy and uncomplicated way which got me to try her other blocks and methods.  She gives yardage requirements for  individual blocks, a wall hanging, crib quilt, twin quilt, double quilt, queen quilt and king quilt.  When was the last time you got all of them at once?  Kinda nice.  Criticisms?  Don't have any.....YET.  Wait until I start to make the block and follow the instructions and see where it leads me.  :)

So Congratulations Rhonda.  I hope you sell a lot and enjoy doing it.  If anybody wishes to inquire about this pattern, please email Rhonda at:

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