Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Progress......

sort of.

Before I get on with my quilting stuff, thought I'd let you see an older picture of me.  Enjoy this blast from my past.

Now on to quilting news.

Met Connie at lunch today and that is always a joy.  We talked about what she learned at her class and I can't believe that she might free motion quilting (FMQ).  Good, I say....let me repeat that GOOOD....then you can do mine.  :)

She helped me decide on what quilt block to do in Rhonda's exchange.  I will be doing one of the wing patterns.  I won't post a picture yet in case my partner is watching this blog.  :)  She has mailed out my block though so it shouldn't be too long before I am able to post that.

I have decided on my two doll quilts and also on what I will do for the Quilting in the New Year.  Overall this was finalized over lunch.  A VERY productive lunch meeting.  Of course I also lost one of my new needles which means I REALLY have to buy more now.  I let Connie try it also and liked them so Angie, if you're reading this...what are they called again?

I heard from Dotty and she liked what I sent her for her birthday.  That was the redwork turkey.  To put it in her words...The funky turkey has joined the herd.  :)  I think he will be in good company.

Now for the news....I actually bought (yes you read that right) I  *bought* a pattern for some bags.  I also managed to find more free patterns so expect to see something about the progress on those sometime.  I might try a looser style of bag and not the structured kind that I bought.  I don't have all the materials for the heavier structured kind.  I would need to get some medium weight stuff to help them stand up, etc.  Still though, one step at a time.

So onward and upwards learning new techniques and braving the seas of uncertainty.

Until next time....

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