Sunday, August 28, 2011

The weekend is coming to an end

It's been a productive weekend for me and now I'm ready to start to relax.  Unfortunately I can't since Monday is right around the corner.  That's ok.  I finished a couple of wall hangings and went to see mom for breakfast.  She's doing well.  She and her room mate had a "row".  Her room mate tried to take mom's hat and you just don't do that.  I guess they got into an actual fight (as in coming to blows).  Mom called for help and three people came to her rescue.  No harm done to either party and mom feels good since she still had her hat.  LOL.  When I was leaving I got stopped in traffic...BY DUCKS and geese.  These next two pictures were taken from my car as I waited for them to cross the road.  They didn't want to move.  After I was able to get past them and made it to the stop sign, there was another group that took off in flight before I could snap a picture.

I started to work on my doll quilt for September.  This is similar to what it will look like.  I have it ironed (fused) on but need to stitch it yet.  Not all the blocks are trimmed up yet but it will give you an idea.  I think I'll do the pink fabric for the binding.  The theme is black and white with a pop of color.

As you can see, I have to clean up the floor after my project since I do a lot of cutting while at the computer.

Today the Bucket List drawing for September was also drawn.  It is embellishments.  That will be fun.  I have a small wall hanging in mind that I might put rick rack on or buttons or something. The possibilities are almost endless so it might take me half the month to just figure out what I'll want to do.

The September drawing for Rhonda's block swap hasn't occurred yet so I don't know who my partner will be.  Hopefully the doll quilt will be done by then so that I won't have too many projects going on all at once.

In the afternoon I also was able to make it to Bab's and Coco's tea tasting.  That will be in my next blog entry.

Until then....everybody have a great night.

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