Friday, August 26, 2011

See what the bzzzz is all about!

The buzzz is that my bee can see!  Yeppers.  The little guy now has buttons for eyes but a stitched nose.  Funny how the pattern gives the bee a nose but no mouth.  I think that I would be angry about that and sting people too.  They can only poke at us to get our attention.  Hmmm... you can poke somebody on facebook so perhaps it was a bee that started facebook.  LOL.

It's hard to see but here is the bee done as well as one side of the binding pinned on.  This has to be finished and in the mail by the end of August so I am well on the way towards meeting the goal. 

The cat will  not be put on this wall hanging.  After careful consideration (doesn't that sound important?) I figured why put the cat on the back (that sounds like a dr. suess title) if the back is just going to be against a wall.  I am thinking (dangerous I know) if I have enough time, I might do a small quilt for the cat.  It would be the cat in the grass...not in a hat nor on the back...and then finish it with the same binding and borders that I do for the wall hanging.  It will just be smaller for I certainly hope that her cat isn't as tall as she is and therefore doesn't need as large of a quilt!

Oh.  before I friend Connie who I talk about here quite often has started a blog.  Go check it out and follow her if you want.  She will be posting her quilting stuff there and I know that she put up a quick tutorial (her first) on how she does t-shirt quilts.

You can find her blog at:

That's try and encourage her to continue with the blogs.  I know when you first start out it is hard to keep up the enthusiasm to do the blogs.  Periodically I will post my friends blogs here or interesting ones so check them out.  I hope you'll find them interesting also.

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