Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Just a quick little post today.  I'm busy coloring out color.  I liked having a "sharpie project" as I'm nicknaming them to work on at night.  I don't have to think much about them.  I am thinking that this material would make a nice mug rug.  It was really sparkly and even though I liked it, i thought the butterflies would have looked better against a darker background.  Now I can see that I like it better.  Thanks to that sharpie technique I can convert.  LOL.

This picture will show you what the original looked like and also a little bit of the black on it.

Then here is the picture of of it mostly done in black.  This is the first round and i will have to go over some of the black areas again.

Don't you think that will make a cute mug rug?  Actually for the person I'm thinking of giving this too, it might be the back of the mug rug but I might be using different color sharpies for something on the front in an faux applique fashion.

More on that later...after it is mailed.  :)

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